KAPATA signed depth research agreement with the provincial Food Optical Research Associates

Issue Time:2015-07-14
    Create a new era in the field of food lighting

On September 10, 2014 afternoon, KAPATA’s Chairman and dedicated research team discuss the study protocol of food light elements with the Food Optical Society of South China University of Science and Technology.The vice chairman and secretary general of Food Optical Research Associates Li Biansheng, Deputy Secretary-General Chen Jianmin, Science and Technology Minister Wu Lifen attend the meeting. At the meeting, the two sides exchanged personnel opinions of the promising applications in Food Preservation, reach a collaboration agreement and signed a cooperation agreement.After the meeting, KAPATA’s dedicated research team, accompanied by Deputy Secretary-General Chen Jianmin visited the Institute of Light Industry and Food Engineering, South China University of Technology.

With the rise of the LED market, the current LED lighting is widely used in food area, and are increasingly being used in low-temperature freezer, even for illuminating fresh food. Allegedly, in recent years, Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Tesco, Kroger and other large food retailers have its global frozen food cabinet with the LED to replace fluorescent lighting, energy savings of up to 70%. So food lighting is a promising market.

KAPATA lighting Co., Ltd. brands Profresh, focusing on food lighting customized solutions, products cover meat, bakery, deli, green, dairy products and other foods lighting.Kapata focus on the feedback from the market and customers, so KAPATA brands Profresh can provide customers with professional food lighting solutions, providing professional lighting design customized for each section of the food display cases, food cabinets and other food display.

Compared with the traditional fluorescent tubes, KAPATA product has the following advantages in the food preservation effect: energy saving, high light efficiency, Low emissivity and non-ionizing fluorine irradiation, have no damage to the cell nucleus.More important is the unique color output, high CRI, so that customers have a greater desire to buy; compared with the preservation of traditional clean vegetable processing, it has the  advantages of preservation and no residual hazardous substances.

This identified an study agreement with South China University of Technology, according to Professor Li speaking, all of the experiments will be conducted at the provincial Ministry of Education laboratory,from the photosensitive state, color index and the number of bacteria and other basic index to examine the product freshness and many other properties, future guidance KAPATA lighting product development efforts and direction, will make KAPATA product development to a higher level.

Profresh brand’s depth exploration of the spirit and perseverance, will help customers solve the fundamental problem of food professional lighting.

All this is bound to have a profound impact on global food lighting.

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