About Refrigerator Storage-Those secrets you don't know

Issue Time:2015-08-29

Putting fresh groceries in the fridge is the quickest and easiest option after a shop, but whether or not those items belong in there is another story.

Surprisingly, most fruits and vegetables are better off out of the fridge at first, with many of them only needing refrigeration once fully ripe.

To find out what should be in the fridge and what should remain at room temperature.


Putting bread in the fridge will dry it out so if you are not going to eat it fast, then the better option is to freeze it and get slices out as you need them.

For those who do choose to keep it in the fridge, multi grain bread is the best choice as it doesn't dry out as easily as white or wholemeal bread does.



Tomatoes are commonly refrigerated after purchase, but there is a reason they are kept at room temperature at the supermarket.

In terms of becoming ripe enough to eat, tomatoes do better when they are out of the fridge.

Once they reach their ripeness they can go in the fridge otherwise they start to spoil...but tomatoes won't ripen in the fridge by themselves.


If you leave them out of the fridge for too long they will gradually lose their Vitamin C content over time and the fridge will keep those levels higher for longer.


Potatoes should never be stored in the fridge, the best way to store them, as well as onions, is in a cool dark place like the bottom of the pantry.

If they are in the light they go green on the skin and spoil and if they are in the fridge they become moist which is not ideal.


Berries - especially strawberries - ripen up much better out of the fridge, however they will spoil fairly quickly so you need to pick the perfect time.


Honey is better in the cupboard than in the fridge as it crystallises...it doesn't go off in the cupboard.


If they are whole bulbs they can just sit in a dish or container near where food is prepared.

Once you've peeled it however, it is better off in the fridge as it won't retain it's flavour otherwise.


It's not common to put oils in the fridge but they go rancid and putting them in the fridge helps to increase shelf life.

When it comes to olive oil however, it's best stored in a dark place in the pantry as light decreases the antioxidant activity in it.


While cold watermelon is a favourite in summer, it doesn't need to go into the fridge until it's cut.


It's very important to check the label for refrigeration instructions when it comes to these.

If it's high in salt like Vegemite and peanut butter, refrigeration isn't necessary.

With things like jams, the high sugar content means you don't have to store it in the fridge but it's wise to as they are prone to mould development over time.

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