Where to buy most suitable refrigerators lamps ?

Issue Time:2015-10-05

With the continuous improvement of people living standard ,End users are not only caring about the pleasant shopping atmosphere but what is more important is they can buy fresh and health food.

How to be fresh and healthy? Panasonic refrigerator and Samsung said: “LED Lamp to be Photosynthetic.” So how to PROFRESH foods partner to be fresh and health?

PROFRESH  food retail lights according to market investigation to customized lamp to present products in there best light by producing outstanding color with low glare.And PROFRESH balanced Spectrum coating allows the natural colors in products to appear vibrant and distinct.

Through superior color rendering, PROFRESH helps merchandise a variety of products  on eye appeal.Furthermore,flexible accessories to save time of installation.

Food Lighting FREE technical support for different showcases &Freezers

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