1)Energy-saving: COB led chip,save 80% electricity than traditional lamp.2)Environmental Protection: does not contain mercury, lead and hazardous substances, no environmental pollution, no infrared and ultraviolet to avoid harm to the human body, its green lighting products.3)Long lifespan:The life of up to 50,000 hours or more.4)Input voltage: AC100V-240V,wide range fit for most of customers’ request.5)Using high-power integrated lamp beads, high brightness, high efficiency, high CRI6)DC constant current driver, no flicker7)Direct optical illumination point than traditional lamps have higher light-use efficiency.8)The main body use the good thermal conductivity of aluminum , has good heat dissipation.9)High light efficiency,low heat produced, save much electricity10)To achieve the desired effect of non-glare lighting surface according to the different food, high color rendering and the food color looks more real. It’s better for customer's to select the food.
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