Are You Using The Best Food Lighting In The Industry?

Issue Time:2015/10/14

When evaluating a supermarket's value as a place to shop, the quality and selection of fresh foods is the #1 criteria used by shoppers.

Supermarkets spend increasing amounts of money bringing in the freshest merchandise available locally and afar, while investing in the most advanced refrigerated display cases to house those fresh food items.

Despite this, supermarket departments continue to incur sizeable losses due as a result of premature product drying, discoloring and wilting. The volume of shrinkage that does occur is unnecessary and when not dealt with immediately, diminishes the quality and selection in the minds of shoppers.

Regular lamps distort a products color and are typically skewed toward the yellow and green end of the spectrum. While the yellow and green spectrum tends to offer strong illumination, it is at the sacrifice of full vibrant colors and the safe and healthy merchandising of fresh foods. While such lamps make sense in an office or warehouse setting, they weaken the effectiveness and sales potential of fresh foods displays. And because they over illuminate a display case with glaring light products not lonly look less appealing, they spoil fastercosting the store operator thousands of dollars in lost revenue and waste annually.

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