Panasonic and Samsung preservation Cheats

Issue Time:2015/10/14

-Panasonic refrigerator has been known for its excellent motor, many consumers buy the Panasonic household appliances for its trustable quality. In the aspect of preservation technology, Panasonic also has its own characteristics.

Photosynthetic high preservation :the temperature is set to 2-4℃,the blue and green waves that released by the LED light-emitting device, creating appropriate preservation environment for vegetables and fruits. Under the effect of LED light,vegetables can lock its moisture inside to keep their fresh and delicious.

Blue-ray high-preservation: the temperature is set to -1 -5 ℃ ,the photosynthesis of blue LED and UV-LED can keep the nutrition of fish,meat.

Analysis: Blue-ray high-preservation techniques,increase the content of food amino acid,extend the preservation time: the vegetable compartment using three-dimensional radiation to send cold, to keep vegetables and fruits fresh ;Meanwhile,the biological preservation device can prevent the produce of ethylene gas and bacterial growth to keep food fresh.

Samsung  preservation Cheats

Preservation Cheats :Photosynthetic preservation

Samsung refrigerator applied the principles of photosynthesis for retain freshness, thereby creating a unique photosynthetic preservation technology.

Different from the Traditional preservation technology currently on the market, “Photosynthetic preservation” technology sustained release of a specific wavelength of light through the wave generating device

That placed inside the fruit and vegetable drawer, creating a conducive environment for photosynthesis of plants ,so the nutrition of vegetables and fruits stored in the refrigerator will not decrease, on the contrary, can greatly increase the nutrition.

The test results from the authority showed that compared with non-photosynthetic preservation technology of ordinary refrigerator,the vegetables stored in the refrigerator of Samsung, its chlorophyll and vitamin C content can increases up to 62.7% and 76.7%.

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