Profresh retail lighting solutions with magnet power rail and magnet cable

Issue Time:2018-04-01
Our Top 1 product: IP40 Rigid Bar Light with Rotatibe Magnet Brackets for shelf lighting and display case. 
*With Small size(Some refrigerator and display case which is too limited space to fit T8 Tube lights.

*Magnet and Rotating mounting Bracket-Flexible and easy installtion to solve the expensive cost for electrician problem.

*2 pcs Bar Light connect directly, shorten dark space, make merchandise more glamorous

*Powerful-Expandable up to 7 meters-Magnetic fixture.
With our Quickfix LED Lightsystem, You are able to bring your products on stage. Point your highlight of the week, or catch more attention with clever illumination in 
shelves and haunch. For assembling in shelves, cabinet, display case and wardrope, Ideal also for indirect lighting, diversity versions with several elongation avaliable.

*We have 2 splitter and 6 splitter special for frezer display rack use. 

*Application:Supermarket, Food display Cases, Freezer, Cabinet and other food showcases. Aisle lamp etc.
Here are some details about Whole Solution about Rigid Bar for Supermarket Shelf Light with Magnet Power Rail and Magnet Cables.

Splitter :

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1st April 2018

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